Volunteer Holidays


As part of their Volunteer Holiday journey, volunteers meet our volunteer partners and are able to participate in many incredible projects run by charities. Activities may include such things as teaching English, digging a water well, delivering livestock to poor farmers, visiting the elderly and orphaned children, assisting with farming activities and building housing for the homeless. 

To ensure that these projects continue, we provide ongoing support to our charity partners. We do this by encouraging our volunteers to fundraise. We also run regular fundraising events throughout the year.

Volunteer Holidays have contributed over $200,000 to charity projects across the globe

Proceeds from our fundraising support critical overseas projects including:

  • Construction of a health-care centre in Timor
  • Life-saving heart operations, Health clinics, Livestock programs, Water and Sanitation projects and Wheelchair programs in Vietnam
  • Maintenance at the Home of the Open Heart charity in Thailand, and
  • Transport of a shipping container (containing medication, foot-wear and clothing) to Vanuatu.

A big thank you to all who support our Volunteer Holiday charities.