Volunteer Holidays


Our mission partners, ACC international Relief, Arms International,YWAM and Yooralla Youth Ministries are just a few of the Volunteer Holiday charities that benefit from our Volunteer Holiday program.  

Your participation and ongoing support contribute to funding projects in countries including Africa, East Timor, Thailand and Vietnam.


There is a great need in Vietnam for poverty alleviation and child trafficking prevention. Our volunteer partner, AOG World Relief, have an extensive child sponsorship program and community development and sustainability projects including water, sanitation and livestock programs. Medical programs include eye surgery and life-saving heart operations. AOG work to prevent child trafficking through education. Visit their website, click here.

East Timor

70% of Timor’s infrastructure was destroyed and 200,000 people killed during Indonesian occupation.  

Yooralla Youth Ministries have been working in Timor for over seven years and have built over 34 homes in the past 4 years. They are working continually with the local communities to improve basic healthcare, water and sanitation as well ongoing building in villages that were destroyed during the Indonesian occupation. The 'Beyond 5 Candles' project is focused on improving sanitation & basic healthcare to decrease the chld and infant mortality rate (currently 20% of children do not make their 5th birthday - this is the highest infant mortality rate in the world at present).


There are over 580,000 people in Thailand living with HIV/AIDS. Chiang Rai is one of the provinces worst hit by the AIDS pandemic.

Our volunteer partner, Home of the Open Heart, works closely with communities in Chiang Rai impacted by HIV/AIDS. HIV positive babies and children are given a loving home and HIV positive mums are given group homes and cottages to live independently with their children. They also focus on income-generation projects and mother/child respite care.


Vanuatu is a developing nation and is one of the poorest countries in the Pacific.  

Volunteer Vanuatu is a mission focused on empowering the Youth of the country as well as improving water, sanitation and basic living conditions. One of their major focus areas is to build water tanks in local villages and they currently have a waiting list of over 152 villages. The cost of a water tank is $1,800 and can be built within one week. Volunteer Holidays are working in partnership with Volunteer Vanuatu to build as many water tanks as possible in 2013 and beyond.